You may think you are a fashionista, but you might have to find out later that you actually aren't. So it's probably if you here it from me. I put together this quick quiz to help you out:

1. What is your fave magazine.
     A. Tiger Beat
     B. Elle
     C. Time
     D. People

2. What is in your closet right now.
     A. old clothes
     B. trendy clothes
     C. new clothes
     D. classic clothes

3. Who is your fave designer.
     A. Designer of what?
     B. Can't think of any
     C. Vera Wang
     D.  Zac Posen

If you got mostly D's, than you are a fashionista. Congrats! If this wasn't helpful, then go to
Queen Fashionista here:
I recently got a comment from Dawn Carter. She asked:
Hi, what are your ideas about leggings and jeggings. Should everyone feel
comfortable at any age and size wearing this popular item?
YES! I think that all ages should feel comfortable wearing leggings and jeggings. It seems like most people after they reach a certain age start dressing way worse:

Woah! What the heck happened. This is what it should look like:
So long story short, everyone should feel confident in leggings and jeggings. And more importantly, you should feel comfortable in any clothes you like, no matter what you look like.
Queen Fashionista here
Okay, so let's get down to business. No one can be a true fashionista unless they know what style category they fall into. So before you do anything else, read this blog. READ IT! RIGHT NOW! DO IT!!!!! No pressure. 
Basically these are all the different guidelines. It's okay if you fall into more than one category. We all have a different style.
Girly: This is a common fashion for girls everywhere mostly, because we're girls.

1. You are into floral print clothing.
2. You wear dresses most of the time
3. You fall in love with clothes with lace accents
4. You like pastel colors, pinks, and purples
5. You love glitter
Glittery and pink, totally girly.

Preppy: This style is kinda a mix of girly and nerdy.
1. You wear oxford shoes.
2. You wear school girl like dresses.
3. You wear bowties like the one she's wearing:
Or like the one she's wearing:
4. You wear vests, often made of lace.
5. You wear blazers and cardigans with almost everything.
This dress truly defines the preppy style.
Sporty: This style is especially popular among serious outfits.
2. You like to wear letterman jackets.
3. You pair up your sports bra with yoga pants.
4. You wear dare to wear running shoes with your fave dress.
5. You wear tops with athletic print like this one:
Sporty Chic

Boho: Short for Bohemian, many celebrities have been influenced by this style like Sienna Miller and Selena Gomez.
1. You layer tops.
2. You wear tribal/Aztec print clothes.
3. You tend to mix and match things.
4. You wear headbands like this one:

5. You wear lots of browns and tans

Goth: Gothic people are very deep and passionate.....
1. You wear black a lot.
2. You also wear a lot of deep purples, blues, and reds.
3. Your clothing looks medieval.
4. Your makeup is usually dark.
5. A lot of the clothes you wear have a lace accent.

All black+metal= gothic

The rest of these are mostly just variations of these, but I'll list the rest anyway.
 Elegant-Like the girly style, but fancier. An elegant style person's everyday outfit would probably be a dress with ruffles, sparkles, or bows.
Sophisticated -Like the preppy style except older looking. (Think of a business woman.)
Urban-Style you would see people on the street wearing.
Classic/Vintage-Taking fashion pieces that have been around forever, and making it modern.
Statement: Kind of clothing Lady Gaga wears.
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